About Us

Alayja White Co was established in 2016 in Toronto, Canada. It was previously known as “Dreamy Hair”. At the age of 17 Lexi decided she no longer wanted to be catergorized because of where she came from. She was born and raised in Jane & Finch. She wanted more than the stigma that came with being from there. She wanted more for herself. That’s when she decided to launch her first business adventure selling hair extensions. Lexi being the youngest from a single mother of 3 never wanted to feel like a burden on her mom or ask her mother for much. So she worked 2-3 jobs and sold hair extensions on the side just so she can live a fraction of the lifestyle she always wanted. In 2018 the official name Alayja White came about when the CEO gave birth to her first child Alayja. That’s when her drive increased X10. That same year Lexi worked night and day, did tons of research to get ready for her new business endeavour. As a child growing up Lexi was always fascinated with beauty. At the time her mother was very strict so she was only able to wear clear flavoured lipgloss. But babyyy, they kept her lips shinning and they smelled great. She was obsessed with them. So once she got older she launched her very own lipgloss collection “Alayja White Hi-Shine Lipgloss”. 100% cruelty free, vegan and parabean free. They are super glossy, offer a wide range of shades and they all smell divine. In 2019 she also decided to pick up a new craft designing fur. She launched the “Alayja White Collection” which was her very own custom fur designs. She can design any colorway, any style, any design. You name it. Our goal is to help every woman and man feel beautiful inside and out and also, encourage other young individuals  to chase after their dreams. The sky is the limit.